Respect In Sport Professional Development

The Alberta Amateur Wrestling Association is happy to announce our partnership with the Respect Group, becoming the first wrestling Canadian Provincial Sport Organization to offer professional development for coaches, team leaders, volunteers and parents through their Respect In Sport program!

Respect Group was incorporated on April 5th, 2004 by co-founders, Sheldon Kennedy and Wayne McNeil, to pursue their common passion: the prevention of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination (BAHD). Respect Group is made up of a team of 30 talented individuals whose passion is to create a global culture of Respect.

As we roll out the program, the AAWA recommends that all clubs have their coaching/managing staff and parents complete the program at their leisure. Both courses are set up as online modules, which can be completed when convenient to the individual. The program can be completed online or via mobile app. The site and app will save your progress. Coaches with a NCCP number will receive 3 Professional Development points upon completion of Respect in Sport For Activity Leaders. The program is updated every 4 years, thus re-certification in Respect In Sport every 5 year NCCP cycle will provide new content for coaches and 3 points towards re-certification.

Clubs registered with AAWA this season have been added to the “Association” dropdown menu on the registration. Also included are independent and school coach/parent options. If your club isn’t listed, please choose the “Independent” option until it can be added. Upon course completion, the NCCP Locker will automatically update within 24 hours for coaches that enter their NCCP number.

If you have completed either course for another sport, your certificate can be uploaded to the AAWA database.

Instructions to register or upload your certificate are linked below.

Two programs are currently available for our members:

  1. Respect In Sport For Activity Leaders
  2. Respect In Sport For Parents

Respect In Sport For Activity Leaders

For: Coaches, Team Leaders, Managers, Club Volunteers

Cost: $30 per person

Duration – 2.5 hours online, does not have to be completed in one sitting, the program will save your place

Coaches with a NCCP number will receive 3 PD points upon completion


Respect In Sport Activity Leaders Program Instructions (click here)

Respect in Sport For Parents

For: Parents and Family of Athletes

Cost: $12 per household

Duration: 1 hour online, does not have to be completed in one sitting, the program will save your place


Respect In Sport Parents Program Instructions (click here)