NCCP Intro to Comp Online Courses Oct-Nov 2020


·        There is a limit of 16 places available for each package, i.e. Part A or Part B, of workshops;

·        Costs:

o   Part A: the cost for the Part A pilot (Planning a Practice & Part A Tactical/Technical) is $125, and

o   Part B: the cost for the Part B pilot (Design a Basic Program & Part B Technical / Tactical) is $125.

·        The accepted payment methods are credit card and Interac e-Transfer;

·        Registration will continue until there are no more places left or the registration deadline has passed;

o   Once the registration limit or deadline has been reached, anyone who tries to register will be placed on a waiting list for future workshops.

o   Coaches on the waiting list will not be invoiced.

·        The course materials will be sent by email in PDF format to the participants 24-48 hours before the training session; and

·        At the same time, the web conferencing information will also be sent to each participant.


  1. Each coach will use the registration link below to select the package that they need;
  2. WCL will add the coach to the provisional list of attendees;
  3. WCL will send an invoice to the coach;
  4. The coach pays the invoice;
  5. WCL issues a receipt; and
  6. WCL confirms the dates and times for the workshops that the coach has registered for.


To register for the Part A workshops, use this link:


To register for the Part B workshops, use this link:


For more information, please contact