2018 Canadian Nationals Registration Info!

*DISCLAIMER: National Registrations will not be approved by Alberta Wrestling until all outstanding membership and sanction fees are paid in full*

*If attending both championships, only the higher sanction ($125) will apply*

Junior/Senior Deadline is March 2 at 11:59 pm, with late registration until March 9 (with a price increase)

U17/U19 Deadline is March 23 at 11:59 pm, with late registration until March 30 (with a price increase)


Registration for both the Junior/Senior Canadian Championships and the U17/19 Canadian Championships is now open! The system is the same as last year, with all forms, scans and fees paid at the time of registration. Please read the FAQs and Documents tabs if you have any questions or concerns. The Alberta office does not have editing access to this portal. There is NO registration at the event. Please meet all deadlines!

New to registration this year:
– All wrestlers need to have their UWW Medicals Forms filled out
– All coaches will need to be certified Comp Dev by March 9th for National Jr/Sr Champs and Comp Intro by March 30th for the National U17/U19 Champs in order to receive coach accreditation at this year’s championships.
The AAWA office will only approve entries that meet the following criteria:
1) Athlete/Coach/Official is a member in good standing with the province of Alberta
2) the $100/$125 sanction fee has been paid

To pay the sanction fee and/or AAWA membership, please call the AAWA office at 780-415-0140. Online invoices will be sent to individuals or the club and can be paid online. This fee applies to ALL coaches, athletes and officials (NOT team leaders and medical) If athletes/coaches attend both championships (ex. U19 and Junior), they will only be charged the higher sanction fee once.
COACHES: You must meet the NCCP certification for the specific championships to be granted access to the event as a coach. Introduction to Competition Certified for U17/U19, Competition Development for Junior/Senior. Please ensure you have the Making Ethical Decisions Evaluation and Making Headway in Sport online modules completed on www.coach.ca 

U17 / U19 Canadian Championships

1 – Make Ethical Decisions Evaluation


2 – Competition Introduction “CERTIFIED” status:

  • Part A training + Part B training + Evaluation


  • Evaluation (successful challenge of Part A + Part B training)

Junior / Senior Canadian Championships

1 – Make Ethical Decisions Evaluation


2 – Competition Development “CERTIFIED” status:

  • Multi-sport training (7 modules):

o   Leading Drug-Free Sport (includes an online evaluation)

o   Managing Conflict (includes an online evaluation)

o   Coaching & Leading Effectively

o   Psychology of Performance

o   Prevention & Recovery

o   Developing Athletic Abilities

o   Manage a Sport Program

  • Wrestling Specific Training (3 modules):

o   Analyze Performance

o   Performance Planning

o   Advanced Practice Planning

  • Wrestling Specific Evaluation:

o   Practice Session

o   Competitive Match

o   Portfolio