Updated COVID-19 Restrictions – November 16, 2020

The Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services have released a series of new temporary restrictions across the province to help alleviate the spread of COVID-19. To view the new restrictions, please visit the following link:


As per these new restrictions, a 2 week pause, November 13-27, 2020, has been imposed on all group indoor sport activities in 6 urban and surrounding areas, with several exemptions given to university and Olympic sport. Having received clarification over the weekend from our partners at SPAR and AHS regarding several possible scenarios, Alberta Wrestling is advising all AAWA-sanctioned youth club practices be temporarily halted until November 27, 2020, regardless of region. The 2-week pause is already in place for nearly all clubs currently running practices, but we’ve also been advised that coaches and athletes that live/work in a paused region are not to travel to a non-paused zone to partake in sport practices. This further complicates the AHS order for many of the remaining clubs. This pause does not affect any university, sport institute or school practice that is otherwise allowed to continue under the direction of their own leadership.


A reminder that provincial health restrictions overrule the current AAWA Stage 2 guidelines, so compliance for all those in paused regions is expected and appreciated and will be enforced by Alberta Health Services. All health concerns should be submitted directly to Alberta Health Services at https://ephisahs.albertahealthservices.ca/create-case/


Any questions regarding these new restrictions may be directed to aawaprogramdirector@gmail.com