Step 1 Re-Opening Guidelines – February 11, 2021

AAWA Guidelines for Step 1 Re-Opening – February 11, 2021 (Download the Document Here)

Alberta Amateur Wrestling Association Guidance on Step 1 Training (February 11, 2021)

DISCLAIMER: There is still a risk of COVID-19 transmission. Participation in any wrestling-related activities is completely optional. AAWA insurance has excluded COVID-19 from our coverage so all training is at the risk of the individual participant and/or their parents or legal guardians. Any participant that has close contact with individuals at a high risk of infection must know the risks involved and may choose to not participate at this current time.

Testing Information can be found at the following link:

These guidelines may change at any time for any reason including, but not limited to, the recommendations and/or mandates of the Alberta Amateur Wrestling Association, Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services. Any changes will be communicated as soon as possible to all members. There remains the possibility that an increase in COVID-19 cases may result in the immediate suspension of all training activities at any time.

While all contact and competition activities are still prohibited and NOT sanctioned by the Alberta Amateur Wrestling Association, current guidance from the Government of Alberta does allow indoor activities to commence, following the guidelines available at the following link:

If partaking in any training activities, please review this link thoroughly.

Wrestling Training Under Step 1

Children and youth will be allowed to participate in limited school, team sport and training activities under Step 1. Alberta Wrestling will only sanction training activities that meet the following conditions:

  • The participating club and all participating athletes, coaches, trainers are registered AAWA members for the 2021 calendar year. To receive information on 2021 registration, please email
  • All previous hygiene and attendance practices followed under the AAWA Phase 2 Guidelines are followed and remain in place
  • Lessons, practices and conditioning activities are allowed for indoor and outdoor youth training activities and school athletics.
  • Competition is not allowed.
  • All participants must be 18 years old or younger, except coaches or trainers.
  • Maximum of 10 total individuals per cohort, including all coaches, trainers, and participants.
  • As physical distancing must be maintained at all times, these groups are not being treated as cohorts. Participants, Coaches & Trainers may take part in multiple groups, as long as all distancing and hygiene conditions are maintained
  • Physical distancing must be maintained between participants at all times:
    • 3-metres physical distance for indoor activities
    • 2-metres physical distance for outdoor activities
  • coaches or trainers may enter physical distancing space for brief interactions with participants (for example, to correct form or technique)
  • Participants must be masked at all times, except during the training activity.
  • Coaches/trainers/etc. must remain masked at all times.
  • Access to change rooms must be limited, including accelerated arrival and departure, emergencies (for example, first aid) and washroom use.

Activities Not Allowed

An activity is not allowed to proceed if it involves:

  • Sport, physical activity and recreation activities that cannot be modified to maintain non-contact and physical distancing of 3 metres indoors or 2 metres outdoors
  • A situation where physical distancing isn’t possible – participants are required to maintain physical distancing (note: exemption for brief coach interactions described above)
  • Any activity that involves contact and/or competition

Step 1 of the Alberta Re-Opening Plan will remain in effect until further notice. At this moment, we are not aware of what might be included in Step 2, or when it may take effect.