AAWA Implementing Restrictions Exemption Program – September 20, 2021


  • A change and clarification was made to the medical exemption documentation process, via the Public Health Order now available and linked below

AAWA Restrictions Exemption Program Policy – September 20, 2021 (click here)

Government Public Health Order – September 18, 2021 (click here)

As of September 20, 2021, Alberta Wrestling will be implementing the Restrictions Exemption Program to ALL AAWA-sanctioned events, including club tournaments, camps, clinics and all Team Alberta Programming. The full program is attached above. Below are some details/highlights to assist you in planning the season:


Please note: The document may be updated as more information is received. We will communicate all changes in a timely manner. Right now, we do not know how long this program will be in place.


Participants Ages 12 and Older
– ALL vaccine-eligible participants, including athletes, coaches, managers, volunteers, officials, parents and spectators at any AAWA-sanctioned event must show proof of vaccination, documentation of medical exemption or a privately paid negative PCR/rapid test taken within 72 hours to attend and access the event. Exact details on dates, exemptions and what documentation is required can be found in the document.
– Please note, many venues across the province will require the same to simply access the building, some may be even more restrictive. All stricter venue restrictions supersede any lesser restrictions in our policy.


Participants Ages 11 and Younger
– may participate in AAWA-sanctioned events but must screen for symptoms
– 2 metres distancing is required, except for youth engaged in activity
– masking is required, except for youth engaged in activity
– this includes all those over 12 involved in the event (coaches, officials, etc.), REGARDLESS of vaccination status


Confirming Vaccination Status
– For AAWA-sanctioned events, the event host/tournament convenor is responsible for organizing the confirmation of status before entry to the wrestling venue
– AAWA will work with event hosts to ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible
– AAWA/event hosts will not be collecting any of the documentation, it will simply be a visual check or QR Scan (more info as that option becomes available) of the provided documentation
– At the club level, clubs only need to check the vaccine documentation once to confirm the status of an individual (an attendance style list will do), but training venues may require it to enter the building every time.


Tournament Organization
– AAWA will be providing a separate document to assist tournament hosts with details as they relate to the restrictions
– Tournaments will need to be more focussed on particular age groups and will be grouped to ensure distancing and venue spectator limits can be met
– We simply cannot stick 400 people in a gym all day and adhere to the proper protocols


School Tournaments
– At this current time, each school district may have its own policy
– It is possible that ASAA will also be putting this program into place for wrestling, regardless of what the school district policy may be


Finally, while we certainly appreciate that everyone may have different perspectives or opinions on the program or covid in general, this program ensures that wrestling can continue across the province, in nearly every venue, at every age. Our goal is to keep as many people wrestling as safely as possible, and this program allows us to do just that. While we will certainly look at updating the policy as the program allows, please note that calling/emailing the office and/or voicing their displeasure towards our coaches/volunteers will, in fact, not change the policy. We are happy to answer any questions anyone may have, but we ask that all communication remains respectful.