Club Registration

To register your club for the 2019-2020 season


Please do not use this link to register an individual member. Contact for the individual link.

1) Visit the following link:


2) Under “Additional Downloads,” download, fill out and sign the Club Information Form. If any information changes throughout the season, you can upload a new copy at any time.


3) You’ll see a copy of the new “2019-2020 AAWA Participant Waiver.” While not needed for this step, it is there in case you ever need a copy. It will also be available on the individual registration. This will be required for all participants.


4) Click “Register For Event”


5) If you were a member in previous seasons, your club should show up in the “Club Name” dropdown menu. If you are registering a new club, click “my club is missing” and fill in your desired club name. If you want an existing club name edited, let me know and I can do that after you register.


6) Complete the short registration page and upload the signed Club Information Form


7) Click “Proceed to Step 2”


8) If you wish to immediately pay the $100 annual club fee online, you may do so with Credit Card, Interac or PayPal. If you wish to pay via club cheque after registering individuals at a later date, click “other methods” and select “by cheque”


9) Before confirming the registration, please ensure the club login email is what you want it to be. If the email is the same as last year, it will read “email already associated with an account” under password. If it is a different login email, you may enter a new password. This will be your login moving forward for your club info and members list. If you do not recall your login password from last year, I will send it to each club individually when I send instructions for registering your members.


10) Click “Confirm Registration.” The following page will allow you to print a receipt if you paid via online option. You’ll also be emailed confirmation.


11) Your club is now registered for the 2019-2020 season. Sit back, relax and await instructions for individual participant registration. I am just finishing up streamlining the athlete registration to make it even easier.


Once your club is registered, instructions for the individual member registration will be sent to your main club contact