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2017 AAWA Membership Policy

Thank you for registering with the Alberta Amateur Wrestling Association! We are rolling out a new registration system, which will allow for more features than ever before! Some of these features include:

Year-To-Year Retention of Data (In future years, you’ll only have to add new members and delete those not returning)

Automatic Invoicing

As with any new program, you may run across some bugs. Please report any issues to and we will look into them as soon as possible.

We ask all programs (club and school) register for our reporting purposes. School-based programs do not have to pay the club membership fees, but it allows for easy transitioning and event registration for those programs that choose to attend an AAWA event.

If require assistance or have any questions, please contact us at any time! We have provided a how-to guide that should assist in the process.

Alberta Amateur Wrestling Association Registration How-To Guide

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