Outstanding Official Award

The Outstanding Official Award is given to the official who best represents the role of official in Alberta. These officials have reflected the best elements of sport at all times and have been chosen by their peers as the outstanding official for that year:

2017Ella Burk
2016Elham Heidari & Dylyn Harrision
2015Lenis Tholke
2014Roger Pike
2013Brad Cameron
2012Jane Burns
2011Dylyn Kennedy
2010Jane Burns
2009Mike Drought
2008Liam Boyd
2007Mike Pruden
2006Kelly Dalanoy
2005Pat Loyer
2004Lenis Thokle
2003Alistair Keith
2002Brad Cameron
2001Lenis Thokle
2000Darcy Deering
1999Darcy Deering
1998Derek McKenzie
1997David Zimmerman
1996Lenis Thokle
1995Brad Cameron
1994Duncan Murie
1993Kelly Rich
1992Bill Haliburton
1991Rick Ciezki
1990Darcy Deering
1989Bill Haliburton
1988Ken Lalacheur
1987Mike Keeley
1986Ted Thresher
1985Mike Jean
1984Mike Jean
1983Al Boychuk
1982Bob Lindsay