NCCP Training


For coaches looking to develop their skills or to gain the certification required to attend specific events, there are coaching clinics that are taking place in Alberta every year.

If additional information is needed and not found on this page, please review the Wrestling Canada Lutte NCCP Operations Manual (click here)

Community Coach Training

The Community Coach designation is for coaches who wish to become local youth coaches. This is a one-day course and is coupled with the Making Ethical Decisions test from the National Coaching Certification Program. This course focuses on the philosophies of coaching, why kids join sport and some basic skills that they are show to their participants. This course usually takes place in the fall and has a nominal fee attached to cover course materials and NCCP registration.

Coaches interested in taking a community coach course should contact the Alberta Amateur Wrestling Association at or 780-643-0799 for more information. This certification allows the coach to attend any events that are specific to Alberta, including provincial and regional events. It also acceptable for the Alberta Winter Games, taking place every two years.



Introduction To Competition

This level of certification is geared towards coaches who have some experience in coaching. While beginners may take Introduction To Competition, it is not recommended if you have not coached wrestling or if you have not been a competitor in the sport recently. The course involves an intensive 3-4 days of instruction, including technical and skill instruction, as well as laying the foundation for a successful wrestling program.

Coaches who are Introduction to Competition Certified are eligible to coach at the Cadet/Juvenile Canadian Championships, as well as any domestic events. This level is not acceptable for the following: International Coaching, Canada Summer Games and Junior/Senior Canadian Championships. For more information, please contact the Alberta Amateur Wresting Association.

Required Safe Sport Modules

  • Enhanced Police Check and/or Vulnerable Sector Check
  • Making Headway in Sport
    • Free module accessed through Locker E-Learning
  • Making Ethical Decisions
  • Safe Sport Training
    • Free module accessed through Locker E-Learning

Required Multi-Sport Modules for Trained Status

  • NCCP Emergency Action Planning
    • Free module accessed through Locker E-Learning
  • NCCP Sport Nutrition
    • $20 module accessed through Locker E-Learning
  • Basic Mental Skills
  • Teaching & Learning

Required Sport-Specific Modules for Trained Status

  • Introduction to Competition Part A
    • Planning a Practice
    • Technical & Tactical A
  • Introduction to Competition Part B
    • Seasonal Planning
    • Technical & Tactical B


The evaluation for certification requires the following:

  • Portfolio Evaluation
    • 3 Practice Plans (Early, Mid, Late Season)
    • Season Training Plan
    • Emergency Action Plan
  • Practice Evaluation
    • A PSO-assigned evaluator will attend a practice run by the coach seeking certification
    • If not one of the practice plans included in the portfolio, a new practice plan will be provided in advance

Due to COVID-19, online evaluation is being explored as an option for 2020-2021. More information to follow.

 Competition Development

Competition Development replaces the previous NCCP Level III Certification. To attain Competition Development certification, there are 9 multi-sport modules and the wrestling-specific course, followed by an evaluation process. This certification will allow you to coach at all levels in Canada. For more information, please contact Wrestling Canada Lutte.

The following Multi-Sport Courses are now offered online. The full course calendar can be found on the Alberta Sport Course Calendar:

  • Coaching and Leading Effectively
  • Managing Conflict
  • Leading Drug Free Sport
  • Prevention and Recovery
  • Psychology of Performance
  • Developing Athletic Abilities
  • Manage A Sport Program
  • Performance Planning
  • Advanced Practice Planning

Wrestling Canada Lutte is currently planning online delivery of the Competition-Development Wrestling-Specific Modules

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