Coaching Awards

The Coach of the Year Award was created in 1982 to celebrate the accomplishments of the best coach in Alberta during a particular season. In 1996, the School Coach of the Year Award was created to distinguish between school coaches and club coaches, which have different requirements.

2017Dustin Helwig
2016Paul Ragusa
2015Marty Bridge & Adam Link
2014Vern McNeice & James McKeage
2013Owen Dawkins
2012Mitch Ostberg
2011Owen Dawkins
2010Robert Thomson
2009Andy Hutchinson
2008Kevin Lomas
2007Andy Hutchinson
2006Scott Toshack
2005Owen Dawkins
2004Glenn Purych
2003Leigh Vierling
2002Tyree McCrackin
2001Leigh Vierling
2000Mike Dunn
1999Leigh Vierling
1998Mike Dunn
1997Leigh Vierling
1996Larry Archer
1995Barry Schulha
1994Brian Donaldson & Mike Tieman
1993Mike Dunn
1992Brian Donaldson
1991Bill Young
1990Bert Jones
1989Jerry Derewonko
1988Glenn Purych & Blaine Kjorlein
1987Clive Llewellyn
1986Glenn Purych & Dave Hauk
1985Glenn Purych
1984Burt East
1983Glenn Purych
1982Dave Hauk

The Outstanding School Coach Award was created in 1996 to honour coaches who were primarily involved and excelled in a single school as opposed to an open club:

2017Andy MacriSt. Timothys
2016Scott JohnstonBertha Kennedy
2015Kelly WebsterCrescent Heights
2014Ian DoetzelRoland Michener Secondary School
2013Rob ThomsonHigh Level
2012Andy Hutchinson & Helen HennickSir Winston Churchill & Western Canada
2011Amanda SchmidtBowness
2010Curtis BrinkerParkland Composite
2009Neil DomstadRundle College
2008Curtis BrinkerParkland Composite
2007Barry KimickSir Winston Churchill
2006James McKeageDiefenbaker
2005Owen DawkinsW.P. Wagner
2004Lance BardHardisty
2003Andy Parker & Owen DawkinsW.P. Wagner
2002James McKeageDiefenbaker
2001Barry KimickSir Winston Churchill
2000Guy SpencerAlexander Forbes
1999Mike SpinneyWestaskiwin Composite
1998Ray Swaleson & Al MacDonald
1997Jim McMullenChrist The King
1996Chris ThomasHilltop High