Service Awards

The Long Term Service Award is given to those individuals who go above and beyond over a long term to promote and support the sport of wrestling. This award is not given to someone for their work over a season, or even several seasons, but over several years of volunteering and selfless contribution to the sport:

2017Gordon Bertie
2016Barrie Schulha
2015Shaun Holmstrom
2014Mike Spinney
2013John McMullen
2012Kelly Delanoy
2011Bill Young
2010Vang Ioannides & Darcy Deering
2009Tom Inkster, Bill Dowbiggin & Kelly Rich
2008Reg Larocque
2007Russ Pawlyk
2006Stan Neufeld
2005Irene Buchan
2004Guy Spencer
2003Brian Donaldson
2002Joe May
2001Mike Keeley
2000Craig Kennedy & Ralph Lavens
1999Tom Guterson
1998Mike Eurchuk
1997Ken Lalacheur
1996Bill Haliburton
1995All Boychuk & Norm Gee
1994Bill Haliburton
1993Wayne Gallop, Brian Heffel & Steve Tisberger
1992John Halata & Leroy Walker
1991Bernie Bajnok, Ron Bennets & Dave Campbell
1990Nestor Kelba
1989Hal Gerlat
1988Tim Wenzel
1987John Barry
1986Rummy Sereduik
1985Larry George
1984Vic Chemic
1983John Popko
1982Ted Thresher

The Outstanding Contributor Award was created in 1982 to highlight those individuals who have worked tirelessly to better the Alberta Amateur Wrestling Association. While there are countless volunteers and contributors, these individuals have been selected by their peers as truly outstanding:

2017Curtis Brinker
2016Adam Link
2015Mike Dunn & Vern McNeice
2014Shane Ryback
2013Darren Klein
2012Rob Thomson
2011Stephanie Buchan
2010Amanda Schmidt
2008Andy Hutchison
2007Irene Buchan
2006Curtis Brinker
2005Bill Young
2004Jerry Derewonko
2003Irene Buchan
2002Kelly Rich & Stand Neufeld
2001Mike Spinney
2000Mike Spinney
1999Kelly Rich
1998Mike Keeley
1997Trevor Wooff
1996Mike Dunn
1995Tom Inkster
1994Kelly Webster
1993Barry Anderson
1992Leigh Vierling
1991Alex Karmis & Mike Keeley
1990Jim McMullen
1989Ken Lelacheur
1988Tom Inkster
1987Tom Inkster
1986Brian Donaldson
1985Norm Gee
1984Kirk Bamford
1983Bob Lindsay
1982Dave Descent

The Outstanding Volunteer Award was created in 1995 to recognize those individuals who have no official role within our sport, other than volunteering. This award was designed to recognize those of us who are not a coach, official, athlete or administrator:

2017Charlene Schaefer
2016Curt McDougall
2015Troy Gratton
2014Rene Bridge
2013Cari McDonnell
2012Brenda Santos
2011Micheal & Lela Brady
2010Don Zabloski
2009Shirley Wong
2008Kris Urbanczyk
2007Brenda Bouchard
2006Monique Hubick
2005Ken Skiba
2004Jane Burke
2003Brian Christianson
2002Tom & Trudy Caswell
2001Judy Forrest
2000Vern Hansen
1999Gina Crawford & Roberta Bennington
1998Sylvia Brown
1997Karyle Young
1996Ollie Schwartz
1995Myrna Weatherby